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Jul. 22nd, 2017 05:48 pm
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So, we’re debating getting a rat instead of a ferret once we move into our own apartment. Because although ferrets are adorable, we actually have experience keeping rats, and they’re much less likely to get into things they shouldn’t.

River is still pouting at me to get a black-footed ferret and name it after her.



Jul. 16th, 2017 08:13 pm
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Wow. Major fail by photobucket.
Go from free to $399/y?
Why not go from free to $5/mo?
You have 100M users.
I'm sure most of them would have gladly paid $5/mo.
$500M a month.
You can still save yourself by lowering your price below what the other image hosting sites charge.

A Plural World: Hey, it could happen

Jul. 16th, 2017 05:11 pm
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Liberty here.
This is a short skit/vignette showing the contrast between a world in which everyone is singlet, and a world where everyone is plural.
The first of this series was posted on PRF: https://www.pluralityresource.org/forum/showthread.php?tid=2245&pid=32205#pid32205

Today's episode is inspired by a scene from The United States of Tara, where a new acquaintance says to Tara "I want to meet one!" -.-
So, here's what that looks like in a Singular world.

Act I.
A typical office in corporate America. Coworker A walks up to Coworker B's desk.

A: Hey there! You know, we're really lucky to have you on board. How are you settling in?

B: I'm really liking it. Everyone here is really supportive and friendly!

Coworker A looks at B's pictures of her children on her desk.

A: You have kids?

B: Yeah. This is Amanda and this is Michelle.

A: How old are they?

B: Amanda is 12 and Michelle is 8.

A: Adorbable! They look just like you. What are they like?

B: Um...well Amanda likes playing sports and music. Michelle is in that "Disney Princess" phase. She loves Frozen and pretends to be Els...

A: Can I meet one?

B: What?

A: I want to meet one! Can we call up Amanda? I'd love to talk to her!

B: What?!

A: Or how about the little one! What's her name?

B: <glares> Michelle...

A: She seems like a sweet kid. Let's call her! Is she at school right now? Oh, I can't wait to talk to her!

B: No! You can't! What the hell is wrong with you?!


Act II
Same setting. Same characters. But now they're plural.

A: Hey there! You& know, we're really lucky to have you& on board. How are you& settling in?

B: We're really liking it. Everyone here is so supportive and friendly!

Coworker A looks at framed drawings on B's desk.

A: Who's that?

B: Oh! <picks one up> This is me.

A: Ah! So that's what you look like?

B: Yeah!

Coworker A points at another drawing of a younger person.

A: Is that you, too?

B: Yeah. That's me when I'm little. I age slide.

A: I do too! <looks at a drawing of three guys looking smug> Who are they?

B: Oh, them. They're "The Regulators". Brats. They're a subsystem.

A: <smiles and shakes head>

B: Yeah. I still have to get a few more picture frames for the others in our system.

A: I have a few to spare. You should see my cubicle, the walls are covered in pictures. We're a gateway system.

B: <smiles>


The basic "moral" of this story in particular is: "If you wouldn't say it to a singlet, don't say it to a member of a plural system."
Hope you& enjoyed it ^^



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