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As the sun streamed in through the huge plate glass of Rufus Shinra's bedroom window he looked on either side of him. Tseng. ..yes Tseng being next to him in the morning was a totally normal thing, but as he looked to see the thatch of red on the other side it left him wondering what exactly HAD happened the previous night.

"Fuck yo. head." And his foot brushed the remote, turning on the President's oversize flat screen tv and the vcr, when it did the tape that was in it began playing, it was the security monitor tape from the bedchamber itself. ..what Reno saw made him choke on the cigarette he'd just drawn from the green and white pack that had been in the pocket of the black jacket on the floor, his brain spiralling into a flashback of how it had all happened.

//"Hey, boss, I brought the reports up." He also had the bottle of cognac Rufus had left sitting on his desk, figuring the boss would want it back inside his liquor cabinet.

The blond patted a spot next to him. "Sit.'re more than welcome to some of that."

Reno sat, gratefully taking a deep swig from the cognac while Tseng grabbed shotglasses. It didn't take but maybe half an hour for the three of them to all get pretty drunk. His inhibitions torn completely down he leaned into Rufus, siezing the man's lips in a delightfully hot kiss, moaning gently into his mouth. the two had been lovers once, before Rufus and Tseng had become an item. With the liquor buzzing through his system and his inhibitions gone he began slowly revealing that scarred yet still beautiful form, milk pale skin, just the tiniest hint of rib poking through that lean-muscled torso. The lissome redhead was certainly a very lovely sight.

One Rufus had no resistance to at the moment when his own resistance was pierced. he immediatly took the slender ingenue into his arms, pressing his lips hungrily to Reno's "Gods, you taste incredible." He nipped at the Turk's lips, he knew Reno had a tiny masochistic streak and he played it to his advantage.

Reno moaned, pressing into him, not even once thinking about the fact that Rude would likely be very unhappy if he found out about this.

"Oh, you want more do you? How much more?" Rufus reached down, his fingers playing with the button on Reno's pants, he had this tiny smirk on the normally emotionless face, the husky-blue eyes danced a bit in amusement.

"God dammit, boss, stop messin' with me, for Shiva's sake!"

Rufus gave the narrow-waisted redhead a sly smile and finally unhitched that button, drawing the pants down to expose a thatch of cherry-colored curls. his fingers began playing in a teasing manner up and down the hard length his action had uncovered, drawing a hissing moan from the crimson-maned Turk.

Tseng meanwhile had crept up behind him with a lit candle, dripping the heated wax down his spine, which drew another shuddering noise of arousal from his already lust-blinded subordinate. "Yes, I know, you have always loved your pleasure with just the tiniest bit of pain. are one of those who is just that way."

Reno by this time was trembling with a bit of sensory overload, and that suited him just fine. ..he wanted more even, and his thrusting hips told of just that fact, as did the pink flush that tinged his cheeks and the bridge of his nose. "Please. ..take me. ..stop fuckin' around and just take me yo."

Rufus lofted a brow, white slacks hitting the floor in a disordered pile, white trench coat, black tutleneck, and white dress shirt soon following. He positioned himself behind Reno, then turned the smaller man to face him, sitting himself and Reno down to sit against the wall so that Reno was perched in his lap before lifting the redheaded one up and slamming himself home deeply within the slender body.

Reno wailed as merged pleasure and pain scorched up his spinal cord, then zinged down every nerve ending before burning straight to his cock. ..causing the shaft to flush at the tip and begin weeping tiny white pearls of pre-ejaculate. "more, ngn, R-rufus. ..harder. ..faster. ..please. .." He had a small smear of blood on one thigh from the extremely rough entry, but it did not bother him, in fact it simply made the sensations yet the more intense.

Rufus nodded at Tseng, the wutain kneeled next to Rufus, pressing his own shaft next to his boss's, shoving it in so the two move as one within Reno's passage, stretching him almost impossibly wide.

Reno let loose another cry as he was filled to near-bursting. ..he had never been made so full, and despite the almost-tearing pain, he was more aroused than he had ever been in his entire life, his head tilted on his neck as his arms almost gave way with each pounding thrust his two superiors inflicted upon him, both heads slamming his prostate as one. finally, his body could take no more and with a screech akin to a woman in hard labor he sprayed the floor, hearing the grunting cries as he felt heat fill him...he collapsed, his eyes rolling back in his head.

Rufus stroked the now-unconscious Turk's hair back from his face. "Yes. .. sleep my pet, sleep. ..there will be time for much, much more once you've recouped your strength." he curled up around Reno, gesturing Tseng to curl up around him on the other side. Soon, all three are lost in dreams of many, many more nights just like the one they had just spent.//

Reno scraped his hands through his hair as the memory let go, brushing Rufus' lips with his own, then Tseng's. .pushing backward, the dark-haired Turk is driven inside, and he moaned in renewed arousal. He heard Tseng's answering sound of passion as the wutain began rising from slumber to find himself buried within Reno's body. He began to move inside of the slender man, each thrust driving Reno's arousal against Rufus', the blond man also answering with a quiet hissing gasp.

"R-reno, Gods.'re so hot." Rufus' head tilted back to expose that elegent column of his swan-like throat, his mouth opened in a wide "o" of pleasure. His whole body echoed the pleasure from the previous night, and it was so wonderfully delightful.

Tseng began to drive in faster as his body took over, forcing him to push in harder, his frame shaking with each thrust in and pull out. The clenching passage almost drove him out of his mind, higher brain function beginning to shut down with an overload of sensation. he reached around, to play with Reno's balls which drew a gasping, hitching cry from the redhaired man.

Reno meanwhile felt as if he was floating. ... his heart speeding up almost impossible as the wave rose, then washed over him. ..his muscles tightened, his body stiffening, then a ululating wail and he spilled hot seed over his own belly and Rufus'.

That was all it took, that extra tiny bit of heat combined with that last thrust, slick skin against slick skin, and Rufus let out a near draconic roar as he tumbled headlong into the abyss with no regrets. . .adding to the puddle in between their bodies.

With the clenching around him Tseng could take no more. . .he emptied himself into the slender man...smiling as he did so.

"I think we had better get cleaned up, Reno, Tseng. You are expected at work in 45 minutes and if you are both late Rude will suspect. It would likely be best he did not."

"Yes sir." Reno said as the three rose, heading for the shower so they could start their normal workday routine.
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