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[Reno had finally figured out there was no way he was sleeping in that hard, lumpy bed, and with the way he'd coughed so hard there had been strings of bloody mucus on his fingers afterward, he figured it was unlikely he was going to be BREATHING well if he even thought to try to lay flat. Thus why he'd slipped down to the first floor baths, hoping to find the spa mat still in the tub he'd left it in. He smiled when he discovered it, right where he'd left it, plugged it in, ran a bath as hot as he could stand, and turned it on. He settled down in it once was filled, a bottle of rum clutched in his hand.]

Sweet lord, this feels good. .a fucklot better than that hard bed. What th'Hell they put in it, rocks? [He took a swig from the bottle, closing his eyes a bit in contentment as the potent alcohol burned its way down his throat. It made it so he didn't feel the uneven and useless feeling thudding of his heart against his ribs. At this point all he wanted to do was simply fall asleep. He was so very exhausted, and more than that he was in the same low level pain he'd been in for the past week and a half, and he was ready to simply be done with it.]

Man, these bubbles are like fucking magic fingers. . .I could die happy just. .. right here. . .[He didn't realize the wrist comm was on, and most anyone in the house that was bothering could hear him, he was enjoying the hot water FAR too much to really care, and the temptation to simply let the warmth lull him into sleep was becoming nearly irresistible.] If I can' die fighting. . .I can at least do it comfortable. .. an' drunk. [the words are beginning to slur a bit, but he doesn't mind at all.]

Just wish I could share this with Rude an' Rufus. They'd LOVE this thing. . .it feels good. m'so tired. ..never thought it'd be like this. . .ain' ta say I ain' been close ta dyin' before, but it's always been so quick. Not sure if it's scarier knowin' what's comin', or just havin' it be so quick I ain' got time ta think about it. Other scary thing is. . .no Lifestream here. Will I end up a ghost? Or when I die will I just be snuffed out like a candle flame? So many damn questions I don't have answers to.

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