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[Reno had finally gotten his knee to cooperate, and was headed out to do some recon using the map Shiki had sent him. He'd opened his door, stepping over the red tape, making certain that it stayed intact so his room would not be disturbed while he was out, because really, coming back to find his room trashed and things not where he put them was something that would quite likely get old fast. What he hadn't expected had been the flash of red that had passed outside his door, pricking his curiosity so he had to investigate]

Uh. . ..does someone have some alcohol I can borrow ta go with my vicodin, because I just saw my own ghost. That is just the tiniest bit freaky. [the redhead's voice cracked just the tiniest bit as he turned on the voice function of the blackberry, something which would tell someone who either A:) knew him to some extent or B:) read people well that the Turk was just slightly freaked out.]

Yeah, seein' your own ghost is not somethin' that happens every day. . .and I really prefer to not have it happen again, thanks.
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[There would be a rustling sound as the new occupant of Room 609 sat up, a soft moan floating up from the slender form as the flavor of cinnamon bursts across his tongue] Where am I? Last thing I remember was fallin' asleep in Medical. This ain't. .. [and a scream sounded, a startled sound, as the voice cut off] There's a ghost in my room. This isn't medical, I know that much, but there is a ghost in here.

[Reno stood, though his left leg threatened not to hold his weight, he managed to stay on them, simply staring at the ghost in disbelief.] If someone knows where I am, it'd be appreciated if they'd clue me in.

(edited because I am an idiot that hit the wrong number and didn't even realize it until now.)
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[Reno had slipped into the first floor bathroom with the bottle of liquor in his hand, running the bath hot enough to steam up the entire room. His aqua eyes slipped closed in something approaching bliss as he slid into the hot water, muscles almost immediately easing their tension as the liquid lapped around his tired and aching body.] Oh fuck me, this feels good. . .I wish I coulda done this earlier, but Goddess FUCK I didn't have a chance ta do it. I've been too Goddess be damned busy.

[He took a deep swig off the potent alcohol, eyes fluttering a bit with the wonderful burn of the liquor in the back of his throat, and for a moment, he could almost pretend there was nothing wrong with him at all, that this was just the normal aches and pains of a Turk's workday.]


Dec. 20th, 2008 05:29 pm
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How's my driving? 

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